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Home » Selecting a Flower Delivery Service – House Plants Expert

Selecting a Flower Delivery Service – House Plants Expert

by Mary Lloyster
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When you send flowers to someone, you aren’t just brightening a corner of their house with the floral arrangement; you’re also brightening their day with the message that the blooms convey. Having flowers delivered can be romantic, sympathetic, or anything in between. However, it’s hard to get the message across if you’re using a sub-par flower delivery service. The recipient might end up with a tacky arrangement or droopy flowers, things that nobody’s interested in receiving.

Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to find a great flower delivery service; just a few minutes of online research are enough to help you identify the top contenders. Respected websites publish lists of best flower subscriptions in various areas. You could also search Google for local listings of highly rated local flower delivery services. However, you have to make sure you’re asking the right questions. To ensure that you’re really picking the best option (and not just falling for clever marketing), simply follow the tips below.

Look for a flower delivery service that has a huge variety of blooms

There’s a reason why you aren’t just picking up a generic bouquet at Walmart; even if there’s nothing strictly wrong with them, they’re all pretty predictable.

A flower delivery service, on the other hand, should have a wide array of options. From succulents to greenery to flowers with the most delicate scents, a flower shop should have the components that’ll bring your vision to life, no matter what it happens to be. Plus, flower shops are more likely to prioritize flowers that are in-season or locally grown. These usually have a longer lifespan than the average commercial arrangement, which means your recipient will be able to enjoy your gift for even longer.

Check out photos of their previous work

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why most flower shops will have photos on their websites to show off their arrangements. Whether you’re looking for a specific aesthetic, or you’re just trying to confirm that they can put together breathtaking arrangements for any occasion, you’ll be able to find out a lot from these pictures.

After all, you’re paying for more than the flowers and the delivery; you’re also shelling out for the expert touch of the floral designer. If the florist doesn’t really have what it takes, though, that’ll also be evident in their photos. Flower arranging takes skill as well as passion; if you’re hoping to find the best flower delivery service in town, those are a couple of key characteristics to look for.

Confirm that they accept your preferred form of payment

These days, stores of every description typically accept multiple forms of payment; there are even companies that accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, there are still some hole-in-the-wall establishments that hand-write their receipts and don’t have a credit card processing system. They may have killer bouquets and great prices, but the fact that they don’t accept credit cards could make it a lot harder for you to regularly send flowers. This won’t be an issue for everyone; it’s mainly just something to be aware of as you consider all the possibilities.

Inquire about the freshness of their flowers

This is a key aspect of getting high-quality flowers delivered – ensuring that they’re fresh enough to last. Good prices or friendly customer service can tip the scales in a company’s favor, but if their flowers aren’t fresh, they should automatically be crossed off the list.

How do you confirm the freshness of their products, though? One way is to go to their store in-person; they should have an abundance of arrangements on display for retail customers. Pay attention to drooping leaves or wilted flowers. If they’re trying to sell expired flowers to the customers who come directly to the store, they’d probably do the same for the arrangements that get delivered.

Another way to confirm that they prioritize freshness in their blooms is by asking how frequently they restock. If the frequency is at a week or less, you’re on the right track.

Get quotes for both the arrangement and the delivery

Some people pick out their ideal flower arrangement, specify the time and place of the delivery, and are shocked at the quoted price. In some cases, they may just not be in touch with the cost of getting flowers delivered. In other cases, though, it could be that they’re making an elementary mistake. These include:

  • Assuming that delivery to a remote area won’t cost significantly more than delivery to a central location.
  • Requesting same-day or next-day delivery, when a 2-3 day delivery time has the most reasonable cost.
  • Ordering one of their most expensive arrangements, and assuming that the price was representative of their other offerings.

That being said, if you’ve received a quote that seems inordinately high, the most likely scenario is that they’re simply overpriced. If you want to make sure, ask about the cost of their best-sellers to see where their average price point lies. There isn’t much you can do to drive down the cost of delivery, but you can ensure that you aren’t accidentally ordering a more expensive product.

Look up their online reviews

A business’ online reviews can tell you a lot, especially since you can depend on them to include the bad along with the good. You’ll find out whether the flowers are actually fresh, how consistent their deliveries are, and whether or not the customer service is up to par. Even the best flower delivery service could have some negative reviews here and there; that’s just the way it works. However, if you’re going to consider a delivery service for yourself, make sure that the overwhelming majority of the reviews are positive.


Whether you just want to let someone know how awesome they are, or you’re celebrating a special occasion, a flower arrangement is a wonderful way to make your message memorable. The tips above will help you pick the best flower delivery service possible, making life better for both you and the recipients.

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