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Home » The Ultimate Guide for Growing Indoor Plants in the Arid Climate: House Plants Expert

The Ultimate Guide for Growing Indoor Plants in the Arid Climate: House Plants Expert

by Elyssa Goins
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Houseplants are God-sent as they not only purify the air but even make for great companions. They keep you busy, attract positivity, and motivate you with their growth no matter what the climate is. If you are a plant lover who resides in countries that observe the arid climate, then you may think it is not feasible to keep plants at home.

As far as our research, it is quite the opposite. With the right care guide, you can grow and keep your green buddies happy, be it in the UAE, Saudi Arabia or South Africa. There are certain rules that you ought to follow, and soon your casa or office will be blooming with greens. Let’s take you through all the essential tips you need to know before decking up your home with indoor plants!

A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house.

Beth Ditto
Arid condition plant

Best Indoor Plants for the Arid Climate

Before heading to our tips for indoor plant care in the arid climate, you should know about the low-maintenance houseplants that are suitable to grow in Dubai, Riyadh, or any other city that observes an arid climate. Our below-listed plants are not only appropriate for people who are pros at growing plants, but even new plant parents can easily take care of them. Take a look!


Succulent plants are hardy plants that can grow in all sorts of conditions. They don’t need a lot of light, water or attention. Therefore, Succulents like cactus, aloe vera, Haworthia, and more make for the perfect indoor plants for all desert regions..

Snake Plants

Spider Plant Hanging indoor or outdoor

Snake Plant is another houseplant that is quite popular in desert regions. They can easily adjust to all kinds of climates and make one of the most gorgeous house plants because of their beautiful printed leaves.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are also known as Ribbon plants as they have elegant leaves. This plant can easily survive inside your home or office and make for the prettiest addition.

Money Plants

Famed as the Devil’s Ivy, Money Plant is easily available all around the world. Whether you are planning to get it from any offline or online plant nursery in the UAE or any other arid region, it can be found everywhere. The Money plant is a low-maintenance plant that is impossible to kill and can bear harsh sun or dry climates for days. You can keep it at your office desk or even in your washroom as it will enhance the overall look.

Plant Care Guide for Arid Climate

Here are a few tips for indoor plant care in the desert climate that you can check out for taking good care of your greens.

Choosing Right Plant

In an arid climate, only a few plants can survive properly, so choosing the right plants is very important. Certain plants require a lot of attention, and you should get plants accordingly. If you are a new or busy plant parent, you should go for succulents, Snake plants, or Money plants as they require less maintenance. On the other hand, if you are a pro at handling plants, then you can get Orchid plants, Bonsai plants, and more.


In desert areas, plants are exposed to a lot of sunlight. Hence, the leaves start turning brown, and the plant may die. You can keep your houseplants for one hour under direct sunlight or 3 to 4 hours under indirect sunlight. Buying a good quality sun shade for plants is also a good idea to protect your plants from harsh sun.


Snake Plant display

The task of watering plants plays a major role in the growth of plants. Normally, people always end up either over-watering indoor plants or not watering them adequately. The correct way to water indoor plants is by checking the soil. If it feels dry, then you should water it. Besides checking the soil, you can also make a calendar on which you can mark the days whenever you water the plants. According to the arid climate, you should water them twice a week.

Right Soil Mixture

The next tip of indoor plant care in the desert climate is all related to the right soil composition. Indoor plants require potting soil that is a combination of peat, perlite, and vermiculite. Furthermore, you can create a potting mix as per the plant requirements as well.


Do you see yellow leaves on your indoor plants or weak stems? These are the signs that your plant is lacking nutrition. How can you feed them? It’s simple. You can use fertilizers as per the deficiency or a normal NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) fertilizer that suits all plants. Don’t fertilize the plants frequently. You can feed the plants once or twice a month.


In Arid regions like the UAE or South Africa, humidity is higher. Some plants like the Spider plant, Lucky Bamboo plants, and other non-succulents thrive in high humidity. On the other hand, Cactus, Haworthia, or Aloe vera require low humidity levels to survive and grow. You should maintain humidity levels according to the plant’s likes and dislikes, be it your home or office. 

Care in Absence

We all dread the day when we have to leave our companions (indoor plants) alone for a few days. Will they die? This question pops into everyone’s mind. But, there is a solution to it. One of the best ways to care for your indoor plant while you are away is by taking help from a pal. If you don’t have anyone to help you, you can simply do a few things.

Before leaving, water the plant properly and keep them at a window that receives a low amount of light. Through these two steps, you don’t have to worry about watering plants in your absence or their daily sunlight exposure needs. After coming back, check the soil, water them properly, and keep them under direct sunlight for an hour. 

Are you all excited to welcome indoor plants to your home or office desk? We bet our tips for indoor plant care in the arid climate will help you in making your plants flourish and be happy. Now, all you have to do is, get your favorite plants with ravishing pots, amp up your surroundings with hues of green, and take good care of your green companions.

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