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Home » Guide to Popular Indoor Trees – House Plants Expert

Guide to Popular Indoor Trees – House Plants Expert

by Elyssa Goins
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Which indoor trees would you like to grow as house plants? Here is a popular selection to suit everyone’s requirements with advice about caring, a description of plants, and for some species – where to buy.

Dragon Tree

Dragon Tree – Dracaena Marginata

The Madagascar dragon tree from the dracaena genus is one of the easiest indoor trees you could grow. They take a fair few years to mature in height, but they can be bought already 4 -5ft tall. They will tolerate low lighting conditions and don’t need regular watering like many flowering plants. If the dragon tree is ever affected by its conditions it bounces back in no time.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig – Ficus Lyrata

The fiddle leaf is from a range of ficus trees suitable for growing indoors. It does need more care and attention than the dragon tree (above) and the ficus elastica in terms of lighting needs. It can also lose leaves in certain conditions. However, if you have some knowledge and experience of growing plants indoors you can apply them it’s a fine-looking specimen to have around the home.

Mexican Fortune Tree

Mexican Fortune Tree – Pachira Aquatica

Known as the money tree or Mexican fortune tree, this plant displays leathery linear-shaped leaves sitting above the trunks. In the wild, they grow up to huge heights, but indoors the pachira can be grown up to 10ft tall or even smaller as a bonsai. These have trunks trained in a braided fashion to provide indoor growers with an attractive-looking tree. Pay attention to this plant’s care needs.

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant – Ficus Elastica

The rubber plant is a popular house plant that does quite well in low light conditions, although low light does slow down growth. Sudden drops in temperatures or over-watering are the worst things you can do to this ficus tree. The attractive large oval-shaped leaves are a dark glossy green, variegated, or near black burgundy.

Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm – Howea Forsteriana

The kentia is a palm that makes a fantastic tree-type indoor plant and is one of the easiest palms to care for and maintain. Another reason to grow one of these is there are plenty available to buy, already a good 4 -5 ft tall – from many garden stores. The fronds of this palm arch over, providing an exotic look to a room.

Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig – Ficus Benjamina

The weeping fig has been one of the most popular indoor trees grown as a house plant for many years, and grows up to 10ft tall, although they’re grown much smaller. This tree can be kept as small or as large as a grower wishes when pruned and kept in smaller pots, and it’s also grown as a bonsai. It’s fairly easy to grow.

Umbrella Tree

Umbrella Tree – Schefflera Arboricola

The umbrella plant is an evergreen tree; best grown indoors because of its invasive nature outdoors. Most growers will find this species easy enough to grow and maintain. The leaves and stalks have a similar appearance to the Mexican fortune tree (above), and the trunks can also be braided, although they’re not quite as thick on this tree.

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