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Home » Selection of Orchids Grown Indoors

Selection of Orchids Grown Indoors

by Elyssa Goins
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What’s your favorite Orchid? While there are many thousands of Orchidaceae species only so many grow well in homes. Here is our selection:

Corsage Orchid – Cattleya

This species native to Central and South America has many lush colored flower varieties to choose from. These flowers have a delightful fragrance when in bloom and last 2-3 weeks (up to 6 weeks for some hybrids). A temperature drop during the evenings and enough light is required for healthy blooms.


The Lycaste is the national flower of Guatemala and can be highly fragrant depending on the species. This is a genus of approximately 30 species. These produce flowers that are medium in size (around 2-3 inches) and a number of different colors with many blooming on pseudobulbs that have no leaves.

Moth Orchid – Phalaenopsis

The Moth orchid is native to China, Southeast-Asia and other countries south and east of out planet. Phals are by far one of the most popular grown indoors in the west. Tall growing stalks and plenty of attractive blooms flourish throughout the year and they can last for over 3 months if given good growing conditions.

Slipper Orchid – Paphiopedilum

Paphs are very popular due to their ease of growing indoors and attractive blooms. Given the common name of slipper because of its distinct slipper shaped pouch. There are many varieties and hybrids that have been cultivated. These are terrestrial plants, unlike many other orchids that grow on trees and can be planted in a heavier soil mixture (still needs to provide plenty of air to the roots).

Paphiopedilum Concolor

The One Colored Paphiopedilum Concolor is the common name for this orchid species from the Paphiopedilum genus. These bloom a flower with a pouch which is why they can also be named the slipper orchid (it’s one type of slipper orchid). This species displays beautiful yellow or cream colored flowers that are speckled. Flowers bloom from spring – summer and last for up to 8 weeks.

Orchid Cactus

Orchid Cactus

Orchid cactus native of southern Mexico flourishes in the tropical environment. Despite the name cactus, it enjoys water. Natural growth periods are in the spring and fall only. Its scientific name has recently been changed to Disocactus ackermannii from the previous Epiphyllum ackermannii, rendering some amount of confusion in the botanical world.

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