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Home » House Plant Types – House Plants Expert

House Plant Types – House Plants Expert

by Elyssa Goins
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Caring, propagation, descriptions, and other information for each species are provided. House plant types include foliage, flowering, succulents, and cacti. Indoor houseplant types are given their main common name used and botanical/scientific name.

Flowering House Plants

house plant collage

Easy & Low Light

Common and popular houseplant types found inside many homes include the spider plant, aloe vera, peace lily, jade plant, weeping fig, and plenty of others

flowering Houseplant types collage

Flowering Plants

It’s impossible to resist growing flowering houseplant types indoors. The color and beauty add that extra touch to our homes.

plant collage

Easy & Low Light

Busy life and cannot spend enough time on certain plants that require care and maintenance, or you have that room does not get much light?

house plant collage

Foliage Plants

Foliage-type indoor plants tend to require less strict caring instructions and foliage can be just as attractive as any flowering type.

cactus plants in botanical garden

Cactus Plants

If you have enough light and warmth you can grow cacti. Many interesting and peculiar features have enabled these to become plants for the hobbyist.

indoor palm collage

Indoor Palm Plants

Indoor palm-type plants have many popular varieties including the parlor palm, kentia, sentry, lady, sago, and others.

boston ferns hanging Houseplant types

Hanging Basket Plants

Hanging basket house plants are fabulous displayed within certain areas of the home. Conservatories are the most suited place to grow these.

trailing and climbing plants

Trailing & Climbing Plants

There are those that trail and others that climb. These types of plants are really fascinating to grow indoors and it’s easy to get started ‘learning to grow’.

bulb house plants collage

Bulbous Type Plants

Growing bulbous plants is easy when choosing the right species. How to care is important to learn as the differences between these and other root systems.

poinsettia christmas Houseplant types


Various species are suitable plants to display and grow during the Christmas period. The color and ability to flower during winter make them popular.

tree house plants collage

Tree Type Plants

Tree-type plants are suited displayed in parts of the home where they tend to get noticed well, as a kind of focal point or some prefer the bonsai types.

unusual house plants collage

Unusual Plants

A collection of plants grown indoors that have an unusual appearance. Some do not resemble anything like the average house plant.

office plant on desk Houseplant types

Office Types

Offices can be tricky plants for growing indoors. Maintenance is an issue and growing conditions, however, many are suited.

succulent house plant collage

Succulent Plants

The list of succulent plants that can be grown indoors successfully is nearly endless. There are many wonderful species.

birds nest fern

Fern Type Plants

Hanging basket house plants are fabulous displayed within certain areas of the home. Conservatories and sun rooms are where I put mine.

lithops fulleri living stones Houseplant types

Living Stone Types

Living stones are a unique type of plant that resemble stones or pebbles to camouflage them, for protection.

braided money tree pachira aquatica Houseplant types

Large Plants

Large plants for larger spaces. Some grow tall while others grow wide…..spread.

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Ameenah Car
Ameenah Car
1 year ago

My mother-in-law lives with a dozen different varieties of plants. I was searching on the internet about house plants because when I do the house cleaning, I really want to move all the furniture, including the plants of my mother-in-law, but every time I’m done with the cleaning, I notice that the plants are back in their old places. And with the help of this page, I can somehow understand why some of her plants are on the windows, some are on the outside, and most are in distinct parts of the house. And now I can see my mother-in-law smiling at me. Thank you!

11 months ago

Actually, they only live in the top inch or so of soil. So, you don’t need to repot all of your plants. Just remove the top 1- 1 1/2 inches, and replace with fresh, dry soil. Much less stressful for your plants, and easier for us!

str agro

11 months ago

Thanks for sharing your important content.
It is very helpful. Thanks Aging

11 months ago

Helpful tips

10 months ago

I appreciate the detailed insights on watering techniques, light exposure, and temperature control. The article also emphasizes the importance of proper plant preparation and engaging the help of a trusted friend or neighbor. Overall, this resource is a lifesaver for plant lovers, allowing them to enjoy their trips without worrying about the health of their beloved indoor plants.

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